Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Blowing Out Cold Air?

During the dog days of summer, your AC unit becomes your home’s most important component. A fully functional unit provides your home with cool air to combat the rising temperature and humidity. So imagine your shock when you realize that your AC unit stopped blowing out cold air and instead has warm air flowing through your home. Is this a simple fix or a sign of a more significant problem with your AC unit?

The Common Reasons Why Your AC Unit Blows Out Warm Air

More often than not, there is a simple reason behind your AC blowing out warm air that’s a routine fix and not a cause for alarm. When you take the time to go through your checklist of these common issues, you can ensure your system gets back up and running in no time. The following represent some of the most common reasons behind the influx of warm air.

Issues With Your Power Supply

AC units require a significant amount of power to function properly, especially during the high usage summer months. If the power supply to your AC unit gets compromised, it can lead to issues with the air that gets blown into your home. Check that all of the connections are secure, there aren’t issues with your outlets, and double-check that your breaker wasn’t tripped.

Your Thermostat Is Acting Up

Your home’s thermostat plays a significant role in how your HVAC system operates all year. Your AC activates and runs until your home reaches the target temperature when you put a specific temperature into your thermostat settings. When your thermostat starts malfunctioning, it affects your AC unit’s operation. Having one of our expert HVAC technicians look at your thermostat can help identify the underlying issues and make the necessary repairs.

Clogged Filters or Drains

Your unit’s filters and drains play vital roles in its operation. Clear filters and drains allow your unit to maintain its appropriate airflow — in the case of the filters — and give the moisture removed from the air — the job of the drains — a place to go. When either of these components gets clogged, your unit starts to shut down to prevent more serious problems from occurring.

Check for Ice Build Up

While you might think that ice build-up in your AC system shouldn’t be that much of an issue during the summer months, it can happen at any time. Dirty coils or air filters can restrict the airflow in your unit, coupled with a refrigerant leak can lead to ice building up within your unit and affect its performance. Running it with only the fan on should help melt the ice and get your unit up and running.

Clean Your Dirty Condenser Unit

If cleaning your air conditioning system’s condenser coils haven’t been a regular part of your HVAC maintenance routine, it could quickly come back to haunt you. Over time, leaves, dirt, and debris can get into your condenser unit and prevent your system from functioning properly. Adding cleaning your condenser coils to your maintenance routine can help prevent this gradual build-up from becoming a significant concern.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

Just as with your refrigerator, low refrigerant levels can significantly impact your unit’s performance and start blowing warm out. While refrigerant doesn’t get used up in a traditional sense, your unit can see reduced levels due to a leak. These leaks can go unnoticed until your unit stops working, and then you have to scramble to find an HVAC professional to make the necessary repairs.

Does the Age of My System Play a Role in These Problems?

Like most of your home’s mechanical systems and appliances, the age of your HVAC system plays a critical role in how often it experiences these types of problems. The parts have seen significant wear and tear with older units, making them more susceptible to breaking down or needing replacement parts. After a certain threshold, it makes more sense for homeowners to install a new system than to consistently deal with making the same type of repairs.

Call in the Airflow Masters if Your Unit Blows Hot Air!

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