How Often Do My Air Filters Need to Be Changed?

One of the best ways to improve the comfort of your home is to take good care of your HVAC system. While there are many ways to do so — from HVAC maintenance to timely repair and even choosing the right installation company — one of the easiest methods is to replace your air filter.


As easy as it may sound, homeowners often aren’t aware that they should be changing their filters, and many more have no clue how frequently they should. There are tremendous benefits for you and your HVAC system by taking care of it, and knowing how often to change your air filters can significantly impact on you and your home.

Why Is Changing My Air Filter Important?

Changing your filter is not a procedure you should toss to the side, and there are plenty of benefits for you and your home by changing it. Your HVAC air filter functions to clean out the air that passes through your home. Your system processes a TON of air each day, so any debris, dust, and allergens stick to your filter and not your lungs. Eventually, this builds up, clogs your filter, and reduces your home’s indoor air quality.

So How Often Do I Change My Filter?

Filters for air conditioners have a few different specifications of when you should clean them, but in general, homeowners should be replacing their filters every 30 to 90 days. Some homeowners find that 30 days is too short and 90 days too long, so consider a midpoint of 60 days based on your system. When in doubt, you should change your filter around this period, as it’s best to have as much clean air as possible.

What Factors Determine the Longevity of My Air Filter?

While you should always follow the standard time limit for changing your filter for most homes, a few factors can affect how frequently you change your filter. Indoor air quality, seasonal changes, and filter type are just a few that you might want to consider before deciding that you want to replace your filter.

Filter Type

There are two types of air filters for your home that differ from the traditional time period to change your system. These filters have different benefits and drawbacks, and homeowners purchasing them should know what their usage means for their homes.

●     Fiberglass Air Filter- Fiberglass filters cost way less than traditional filters but are much more fragile and require replacement after no more than 30 days.

●     Pleated Air Filter- Pleated filters are more durable and made from sturdy materials. These filters can last anywhere from three to six months.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you or your family members smoke often? Maybe someone at home works a dirty job and comes home with clothes filled with chemicals or dirt and grime. Regardless of how quickly you take your clothes off and wash them, your air still gets contaminated with those particles. If your home’s air quality is often tested, consider frequent filter changes or getting a pleated filter that lasts longer.

Pets, Allergies, Or Other Sensitivities

If a member of your home suffers from allergies or other sensitivities, you might want to change your filter much sooner. Allergens can get trapped in the filter, and some may inevitably leak back into the air in your home. If you have pets, you want to be consistent with your schedule to avoid pet hairs and dander clogging your air filter.

How Often Do My Air Filters Need Changing?

If your heating and cooling systems have problems flowing air through your home or your energy bills have increased, you might have a dirty air filter. Your filter working extra hard to overcome the clogged filter and reduced airflow could be costing you money. In addition, increased dust can surround your home from the filter not being able to collect more dust and the resulting dust that clogged filter might let through.

Get Your HVAC System Serviced Today

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