Why Is My Heating Bill So High This Winter?

With the winter months bringing the coldest temperatures of the year, it’s natural that you’ll have your home’s heating system turned on more frequently. The increased use usually means a higher than average energy bill. However, if you see unprecedented spikes within your electric bill, it can mean there’s an issue with your system that needs to be addressed.

If parts of your system tank your overall energy efficiency, having an experienced heating repair company in Jacksonville, NC, on speed dial can help you quickly solve the issue. However, knowing what to look for and identifying potential problems in your home energy system and heating costs becomes crucial. Here are some things you can keep an eye out for this winter.

Higher Demand

Whether you have a natural gas-heated home or rely on electric heaters, the colder months will drive increased demand for around-the-clock heating solutions. With your heating system providing round-the-clock comfort, you can see the sharpest increase in energy costs across the board. However, higher demand isn’t the only main contributing factor to your high heating costs.

Water Heater Temperature

The name of the game when it comes to your winter heating needs revolves around energy efficiency. Keeping your heating system as efficient as possible can help keep your total costs down and bring your bills back down to your winter average. One unsuspected area that can ruin your home’s overall energy efficiency is your water heater — precisely, what temperature it heats your water.

It takes an awful lot of energy to heat the water in your home to your desired temperature. As the water heater takes more time and energy to bring the water to temperature, the higher your energy bills rise. Resetting your water heater’s standard temperature to the recommended 120° F to help improve your energy efficiency.

Stick to a Thermostat Schedule

Homeowners may think that they need to keep their heating system on all winter to experience the kind of warm comfort they want. However, this can quickly drive your total costs through the roof if you aren’t careful. That’s where a programmable thermostat can help bring your surging energy costs back under control.

By utilizing your thermostat, you can set a predetermined schedule where your heating system will be turned on, and at other times, it will be shut off to help cut down on rising energy costs. You can schedule your thermostat to be on during the night to fight back those wintery nights and turned off when you’re out of the house during the day.

Keep Your Heating Unit on a Maintenance Schedule

Being one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in your home in the winter, your heating system sees more wear and tear than other appliances. Finding ways to keep your heating unit in good condition not only prolongs the unit’s longevity but can cut down on the number of times you need to completely replace your unit while you’re living in your home. With a preventative HVAC maintenance schedule, you can catch potential issues early and avoid costly repairs if left unattended.

Trust Your Heater and Winter Energy Bills With Airflow Masters!

In the Jacksonville, NC, area, homeowners need to have faith that their heating system isn’t costing them money during the winter months. With a trusted HVAC contractor on your side, you can rest assured that your heating system is in good hands. Airflow Masters Heating & Cooling has built a reputation for our craft and excellent customer service. Contact us to get your first appointment on the books today!